About Me

I am a software developer from Brighton, UK. I mostly build web applications using PHP.

I currently work as a senior developer for 3ev, an award-winning agency based in Hove. Working at 3ev gives me a great platform to improve my skillset and try out a lot of new things. We use Laravel and various content management systems to deliver a range of applications to our customers.

I take pride in keeping up with the latest technologies. You can find the source for this site on GitHub. It runs on Lumen and uses the Bootstrap 4 alpha on the frontend (seems to work nicely, right?).

My other passion lies in video games. I've been a gamer since I was tiny, and haven't been able to kick the habit. I'm currently really enjoying Dark Souls 3 (as usual, FromSoftware have nailed it).

If you'd like to find out more about me and what I do, have a look at my CV and GitHub profile. I can be easily contacted using the details below, so if you want to work with me or chat just get in touch!